About MindCuor

MindCuor’s mission is simple: to develop wise leaders. We do that through executive coaching, assessment/360 feedback, team building, employee mediation, program development assistance, and training and education. MindCuor is led by Dr. Jeanne DiVincenzo, who brings her own wisdom and experience as a business leader/consultant with a background in clinical psychology. Her vision is to help leaders enhance and understand their strengths, develop new and existing skills, and engage their finest selves in their work.

Consulting Services

Coaching and leadership development work for executives, managers and teams to recognize and optimize their skills and talents.

Dr. Jeanne DiVincenzo

Brings over thirty years of successful, results-driven experience in business and psychology to her consulting work.

Presentations & Trainings

Experienced speaker, trainer and instructor, presenting at conferences, faculty development workshops, and at special events.