Speaking, Presentations & Trainings

Dr. DiVincenzo is an experienced speaker, trainer and instructor, presenting at conferences, faculty development workshops, and at special events as a motivational speaker. Client settings include academic institutions, professional organizations, medical/healthcare providers, medical schools, and other businesses. Topics include:

  • Building a psychologically healthy workplace
  • Bringing mindfulness to the workplace
  • Applying the MBTI and other assessment instruments to team settings
  • Leadership development
  • Mindful leadership
  • Diversity and multiculturalism
  • Team functioning
  • Stress management/reduction
  • Self-care for busy professionals
  • Skillful interpersonal communication in the workplace
  • Skillful, empathic patient interactions (for healthcare professionals)
  • Improving one’s professional presence
  • Becoming resilient
  • Mentoring and teaching diverse students (for faculty)